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Participation in First Friday Artwalk for over 12 years underscores Mel's commitment to community engagement, and her presence in over 75 exhibits and events has left an indelible mark on the art scene. Nationally and internationally recognized, Mel Fiorentino has garnered numerous awards, a testament to the universal appeal of her art. She has collectors all over the world including in private collections in Dubai, Italy, France, England, New Zealand to all of the corners of the US.

Now residing and painting in her Florida studio, Mel Fiorentino's biography continues to unfold, a story written with each brushstroke, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of art.

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Figurative Oil Painter/Instructor

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In the heart of Ocala, Florida, a seasoned artist and drummer, Mel Fiorentino, weaves together a rich tapestry of creativity and passion that spans over two decades. Her journey from the corridors of the Renaissance to the contemporary art scene today is a testament to her enduring dedication to the craft. From her early teens, Mel's hands were graced with a brush, igniting a lifelong exploration of drawing and painting. Influenced by the timeless allure of the Renaissance masters, she discovered a profound connection to the symbolism and deep existential meanings embedded in their works. This foundational love for classical art has been the compass guiding her artistic pursuits.

At the core of Fiorentino's artistic focus is her dedication to figurative work and portraiture. Her canvas serves as a mirror reflecting influences from the Renaissance to contemporary living artists, resulting in a body of work that stretches the boundaries of figurative painting. Each stroke encapsulates not only her technical mastery but also a deep exploration of symbolism and existential themes.

Mel's artistic journey has graced prestigious stages, including the Epcot International Art Festival in Orlando, where her celebrity portraits have captured the admiration of art enthusiasts. Her prints, resonating with a global audience, find a home at Disney Springs' House of Blues.

A true alchemist of her craft, Mel primarily works in oil, meticulously mulling and mixing her own paints to achieve nuanced tones and textures. Her creations delve into the realms of surrealism and realism, a dynamic interplay of ideas and representations that continually evolve. Beyond her studio, Mel is an ardent educator at her studio Fiorentino Atelier, sharing her passion and techniques in oil painting.